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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions:

CME activity  accreditation request  is an express consent to all Terms and Conditions

- Apply all CME Activities Accreditation Requirements is Bound to complete the Accreditation process.  

- EACMED® Accreditation is an agreement by ACME® Scientific board , the reviewing Committee and the executive office .

-EACMED® will not permit major changes to the program following confirmation of accreditation. Major changes will require a new application to be submitted.

- EACMED® has rights to Form a observation committee to observe the quality standards and applying the accreditation system requirements during the CME activity. 

- The accreditation will be cancelled and the CME Activity  reference number deactivate from EACMED website database in case of any  violation of the accreditation requirements.  

- EACMED® has the right to amend and develop the  accreditation standards and requirements According to continuing medical education international standards .


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