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Accreditation fees

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Accreditation fees:

EACMED  applying a Unified accounting system for Accreditation fees 

the fully accreditation including the following 

 - Right to print EACMED logo and description in all CME Activity material 

- Archiving the CME Activity reference number 

- Using the EACME accreditation electric stamp 

- Receiving the CME Activity Accreditation certificate and transcript 

Accreditation fees:

 70$ (Seventy US dollars) or the equivalent amount in Egyptian pound 

paying methods :

- Cash on EACMED head office or branches 

- Via EACMED official collector 

- Shipment Agency

- bank transfer ( Electric receipt are Available)

- postal office Transfer( Electric receipt are Available)

Refundable regulations

- The accreditation fees can not be refunded in any form after issuance the CME Activity Accreditation certificate and transcript 

- Refund is deducted from 30%  of the Accreditation fees if the cancellation is requested before issuance issuance the CME Activity Accreditation certificate and transcript

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