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CME Event Requirements

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CME Event Requirements

All the criteria below are ESSENTIAL criteria.
CME Event Section 

EACMED® Adopts one of the following  methods 

 - Discussion time
- Hand - on - training 

- presentation
- Q&A session
- Training session
- Groups
- Open space
- Electronic communication
- Other: needs to clarify.

-CME activity must compliance with all relevant ethical, medico-legal, regulatory,  and legal requirements.

Provide the  CME activity title , venue, date, language.

Title: must be identical with the titles used in all materials related to the event. It is not permissible to have an industrial sponsor’s or a commercial product’s name in the title of the event.

Venue: The EACMED® deals with the accreditation of international events in Egypt and outside of Egypt, all events must apply the standard EACMED® criteria.  

Date: the EACMED® will accept one set of dates per event. A separate application must be submitted for each repetition of the same event, the date must clarify the start and the end date , duration according to the active days only 

language: CME activity must be submitted in English and all related materials .



CME activity must be Independent in all manners like commercial, scientific, political, economic and financial, religious, gender-related, ethnic, cultural or geographical.

However, it may be acceptable to discuss positives effectives of particular industry or commercial product such as a mechanical device or pharmaceutical products , with the obligation of independence concept to avoid the advertisement in any form.

commercial nature discussions will be  excluded from the CME calculation system.

Funding :

The source(s) of all funding for the Event must be declared,
Funding can occur via:
- provider’s own funds
- participants’ registration fees
- unrestricted educational grant from sponsor
- exhibition booths during the event
- commercial symposia organized during the event (not eligible for credit point system)
- advertisements outside the scientific program
- if other: please specify
Sponsorship (from one or more sponsors) of an event can only be considered as long as the grant is in the form of an “unrestricted educational grant” and all other EACMED® criteria are met.

The program must contain as a minimum:
- Details of faculty members .
- Titles of lectures, etc.
- Start and end time of individual lectures, workshops and sessions .
- Overall expected learning outcomes .

Restrictions :

- Education sessions cant be contain  any kind of commercial interest or advertising manners. 

- On patient clinical practices are forbidden (not eligible for credit point system).

- Hand on training must supervise by specialists members of the CME event scientific committee

EACMED® will not permit major changes to the program following confirmation of accreditation. Major changes will require a new application to be submitted.

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