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Accreditation process

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Accreditation process

       EACMED® using this e-mail for all Accreditation process ( reviewing.committee@cmeegypt.org )   

- The CME Activity  accreditation request shall be submitted at least 4 weeks prior before starting  the activity

- All required document must be Prepared before starting proceed the CME Activity  accreditation request

- Fill out all the required data and verify its authenticity (any substantial change may require submission a new application)

- EACMED® team, composed of the reviewing Committee, the Scientific Committee and the Administrative Management Office, will respond to your request for rejection or acceptance within 7 working days via E-mail message that  registered in your application for accreditation.

- In case of refusal, EACMED® Will send e-mail clarify the rejection  reason ( you may be required to correct the rejection with a new accreditation request ).

- In the acceptance case , your application is considered to be in process  , the scientific event shall not be considered  as approved CME Event until the completion of the remaining procedures.

-The  acceptance  e-mail contains the Accreditation fees , payment methods and CME Activity reference number    ( Formed like A00XXXXXXXXXX ) , CME Activity reference number must be printed in all CME Activity certifications .   

- The payment  must be completed within 4 working days of receiving  the e-mail .

- After the payment process has been completed, the Provider must reply the e-mail attached with a copy of the payment confirmation receipt and the CME Activity reference number within 24 hours.

- Within 3 working days provider will receive the Accreditation e-mail contains the following ( username and password for CME provider profile ,Approved CME points for the CME Activity , CME Activity Approved Certification , CME Activity transcript , EACMED® electric stamp and logo)

- CME provider has right to print EACMED® logo , use the electric stamp and clarify the CME activity with CME points in all CME Activity materials

Feedback reports

This step is essential to activate the CME Activity reference number

- Provider must submit the feedback reports and upload  ( Activity report , attendance report ) within 7 working days After ending the activity . Access Manage CME Accreditation feedback reports using your username and password.

- CME Activity reference number will be active and Searchable ( Find an accredited CME Activities ) within 4 working days after reviewing the feedback reports . 


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